Who is it for

Walking with BungyPump appeals to a wide range of users as it offers a variety of benefits regardless of your fitness level, age, or experience. You can use them indoors for various cardio, strength or stretch exercises, or escape indoors and get into the brilliance of outdoors.

So, who exactly would benefit from using BungyPumps?

Anyone who enjoys walking

Many of us enjoy walking, it is a simple and relaxing activity. When you walk with BungyPump training poles, you introduce exercise into your walks. Built-in resistance engages your upper body muscles giving you a full body workout just by walking! BungyPump add spring into your steps, get your heart pumping, and muscles working. You walk faster and take longer strides, covering longer distance in the same period of time.

Older people

Walking with BungyPump poles engages both the upper and lower body giving you a soft yet effective exercise. The activity helps to maintain a certain level of fitness, improve core strength and muscle tone, posture, develop and maintain balance and coordination. Walking with poles relieves pressure off hips and knees, whiles walking with Bungy Pump have an added benefit of being gentle on your shoulders and elbows.

Potential Exercisers

BungyPump also appeal to those who feel the need to exercise but are not motivated to join a gym or find it difficult to start a fitness program. Walking with BungyPump offer effective exercise even for those to whom the traditional exercise and training techniques are of little interest. Keep your BungyPump indoors and catch up on your exercise “quota” while watching TV, or throw in your car boot to use just about anywhere!

People who want to lose weight

The benefits of BungyPump have been recognized by those aiming to lose weight. You will engage 90% of your body’s muscles and burn up to 77% more calories compared to regular walking. Also, you develop muscles that continue burning calories even when you are resting. BungyPump have been featured on several televised weight-loss competitions, including “Sweden’s Biggest Loser”.


One of the unique features of BungyPump is the well-documented benefits offered to those involved in rehabilitation programs. The built-in suspension offers soft and gentle exercise while activating a wide range of muscle groups in the back and upper body. BungyPump are recommended and used by physiotherapists and other medical specialists which has been very important to the success and wide-spread appreciation of BungyPump in the Swedish and European market.

Regular Exercisers

People of all ages and from all walks of life who are generally interested in being engaged in some type of regular fitness activity. The benefits of the increased activation of upper body muscle groups when walking appeals to all those interested in simple and affordable exercise.

Elite Athletes

In Sweden BungyPump have been embraced by top level skiers, and other leading sports and fitness experts, who added workouts with Bungypump to their training schedule. Through their endorsements, BungyPump became well known and valuable training product, contributing to the incredible success of BungyPump in the Swedish sports and fitness market.


BungyPump are becoming increasingly popular with companies, sports associations and other organisations that value and appreciate the importance of good health and regular exercise for the well-being of their staff and members.