How to adjust and use BungyPumpS correctly

Adjust your BungyPumps

1. Turn the pole upside-down. Adjust the length of the pole so that it feels comfortable, roughly at chest height (initially it may be appropriate to adjust the poles 5-10 cm lower, as it is easier to learn the correct technique). Lock into position by holding the middle section (B) and turning the lower section (C).

    1. Note! When adjusting the length of the pole, do not pull the lower section beyond the STOP mark.

    2. Pull the lower writs strap to release the locking mechanism. Adjust the strap so that it fits comfortably around the wrist. Press the locking mechanism back into place while at the same time lightly pulling the two upper straps to lock it in.

    If you have a “glove” strap (Walkathlon model), note that poles are mark R for the right hand and L for the left hand. To adjust the strap, release it by pressing down the button on top of the handle and pulling it out. Adjust the strap so that it fits comfortably around the wrist. Press down the button and insert strap back into the pole.

    3. Slip your hand into the loop from below. Then grip the handle comfortably. 

    For “glove” strap, insert your hand into the strap so that your thumb goes into the smaller opening and can grip pole comfortably.

    1. Start walking and let the poles drag behind you. Relax your arms letting them fall into the natural swing. When you find a natural rhythm, grip the handle of the pole, gently press the pole down and hold down for each step you take. The hand pressing the pole down has to go far enough back that it passes the hip, while the poles should stay at approximately 45-degree angle. Walk normally, moving arm and the opposite leg forward.

    Remember to keep a good posture – lower the shoulders, pull in your stomach and look straight ahead. Your arm should be slightly angled and the whole arm should be in the pendulum movement – it is the shoulder joint and not the elbow that are supposed to work.


    Three different walking techniques:

    Standard swing  the classical style.

    Double-steps  mostly used in uphill walking or jogging.

    Pendulum walk  when you take four steps with your feet but only two steps with the training poles. This technique is suitable when the walking speed makes it hard to press down the training poles for every step, but can also be used as a nice substitute for the standard way.


    Now it’s your turn. Enjoy BungyPumps smile