Active aging – BungyPump makes it easy

Some 2,400 years ago Hippocrates noted that walking is man’s best medicine.

As years start creeping up, maintaining healthy weight and being healthy can be a challenge.

Choosing to live an active lifestyle keeps you fit and healthy, and while exercise may feel like chore, walking sets you free. Enjoy nature, explore your neighborhood, invite friends and make new ones, clear your head and relax.

BungyPump takes walking to the whole new level by effectively engaging 90% of your body’s muscles and giving you aerobic, weight bearing, and resistance workout just by walking.


Health benefits are incredible:

  • healthier heart and lower blood pressure,
  • greater bone density and stronger muscles,
  • improved insulin sensitivity,
  • reduced impact on major weight-bearing joints,
  • weight loss,
  • stronger back and better posture,
  • improved balance and coordination,
  • increased energy levels and lift your mood,
  • improved memory and cognitive ability,
  • better sleep.

Use BungyPump anywhere anytime – indoors or outdoors, in winter and summer, and all seasons in between.

Adjust your BungyPumps and start walking. Enjoy!

Use BungyPump to stretch, tone your arms and shoulders, lose weight, improve your strength and fitness.