frequently asked questions

Q. What is the difference between BungyPump poles, Nordic poles and hiking poles?

All three are walking poles but they have different designs and therefore, different purpose and walking technique.

Trekking poles are used to provide extra stability when hiking, backpacking or snowshoeing on varied terrains. They are not meant to add extra exertion or calorie burn. When walking on a flat surface, they are placed on the ground in front of you at almost upright angle. When walking uphill, poles are planted behind the body in a pushing action, while when walking downhill poles are lengthened and placed in front of the body in a “checking” action.

Nordic poles and BungyPumps are used for exercise, health and fitness. Walks are carried on a flat or gently rolling terrain. Poles are placed beside and behind the body in a pushing action which engages the upper body muscles, burning more calories and giving you a full-body workout while walking.

Nordic and BungyPump walking techniques elicit a greater ranger of the body movement, including longer stride and spinal rotation, which is beneficial for a healthy back.

Unlike Nordic Walking poles, BungyPump poles have built-in resistance of 4, 6 or 10 kilograms, meaning that every time you press the poles down, you press against the resistance of, for example, 4 kg. As a result, you get more efficient workout toning and strengthening your muscles and improving balance and coordination. Read more about the difference between BungyPump and Nordic Walking poles here.

Q. Which BungyPump™ model should I choose?

Q. Do BungyPump poles come in pairs?

Yes, all the BungyPumps models come in pairs (two poles).

Q. When to use the rubber foot or tungsten tip?

The rubber foot is suitable to use when walking on hard surfaces, such as paved paths. The tungsten tip is be used on both soft and hard surface, for example walking in the park or forest, as well as on icy or packed snow surface.

Q. How heavy are the poles?

The poles are light, and don’t weigh more than 1 pound each.

Q. How do I travel with BungyPump poles? 

For Number One, Energy and Power models, hold the middle section (B) and turn the lower section (C) to loosen it. Push the lower section in and tighten it. Length of the pole is going to be 41.5 in (105 cm).

If you have Walkathlon model, follow the instructions below:

Q. Where should I store my BungyPum training poles when I don’t use them?

When the training poles are not in use store them inside where it’s covered from rain and snow.

Q. Can I use my BungyPump poles to walk on the beach, or other types of sandy surface?

Yes, you can use the poles for walking on the beach or any other sandy surface, however, do not allow sand to get into the moving parts of the poles to prevent damage. Use the provided baskets when walking on the sandy surfaces.

Q. Can I use the BungyPump poles on a treadmill?

We don’t recommend using any of the BungyPump™ models on a. The risk of hurting yourself, as well as damaging the poles, is too high.

Q. I just had a surgery, can I use the poles?

Yes, the poles are often used in rehabilitation purposes. They help to build up muscles and strengthen the body. However, please consult with your physiotherapist and make sure that your condition after the surgery is good enough to start exercising again.

Q. My BungyPump™ training poles are damaged/broken, what can I do?

If you have any issues with your poles please contact us, either via email or messenger. We will assist you in the best way we can and find a solution to your problem.