Walking is one the simplest forms of exercise that almost everyone can do.

Fitness walking, power walking, interval walking, hiking, walking with poles, marching while watching TV. Outdoors, indoors, in the park or in the forest, rain or shine, cold or warm, trainers, sandals or barefoot, alone or with a friend, fast or slow, listening to your favourite music or sounds around you… 

Truly, when it comes to walking for health, fitness and fun, the world is your oyster!

Are you ready?

There is never going to be a time when life is magically not busy, when you are “ready”, when you “have it all together”. 

Start today.

Start with 15-minute walk. Increase the duration and pace of your walk gradually. Do it consistently, and soon enough you’ll see the results – a healthier, fitter and happier you!

Download 7-week Get Fit & Keep Fit with BungyPump workout plan here. 

Exercise is essential for a healthy life and most people can safely take up walking and exercising with BungyPump poles.  However, if it’s been awhile since you’ve exercised, and you have health issues or concerns, talk to your doctor and physiotherapist before starting a new exercise routine.