FULL BODY WORKOUT while walking

4, 6 or 10 kg of built-in resistance

Use 90% of the body’s muscles

Burn up to 77% more calories 

Great for keeping fit, training or rehabilitation

Gentle on shoulders and elbows

Perfect for all ages and fitness levels

Designed and manufactured in Sweden

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BungyPump are unique training poles that have 20 cm of built-in suspension as well as 4, 6 or 10 kg of built-in resistance, thus, every time you press a pole down, you are pressing against x kg of resistance.

The built-in resistance means that BungyPump combine the advantages of walking with poles with the benefits of working out in the gym. Walking with BungyPump activates 90% of your body muscles giving you full body workout just by walking.

Walk, run, and use it for various cardio, weight bearing or stretch exercises both outdoors and indoors!

Perfect for all ages and fitness levels. Great for getting in shape and staying in shape, keeping fit, endurance and strength training or rehabilitation.

Interested in trying walking with BungyPump? 



Get fit and keep fit whilst exploring our beautiful Fish Creek Park.

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Join us in Fish Creek Provincial Park for the 10th annual Parks Day & Creekfest on Saturday, July 18th.

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Multiple ways to exercise with bungypump