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Benefits of using BungyPump training poles

Choosing an active lifestyle affects your health positively in many ways. It not only keeps you fit but improves your quality of life and helps you live longer. Physical exercise wards off illne ss and is the most important contributory factor in keeping fit.

Fitness and strength training using BungyPump training poles, with built-in suspension, is a demanding form of exercise which promotes the oxygen absorption capacity of the blood, improves the endurance of respiratory muscles and strengthens muscles, tissues and bone structure. Since respiratory muscles are strengthened, the lungs ventilate better and the blood flow increases.

When you subject your body to physical activity with BungyPump, it responds by strengthening muscles, tissues and bone structure to cope with the increased load. In addition, ligaments and tendons are strengthened and muscle mass is maintained or increased depending on the tempo and type of exercise. Along with increased strength and stamina comes improved posture and the strain on sensitive parts of your body, such as your back, is reduced. And on top of all that, BungyPump are really fun to use!

“with increased strength and stamina comes improved posture”

When you train with BungyPump, your heart muscles are strengthened, which in turn means that the heart is able to pump a greater amount of oxygenated blood per contraction and therefore does not need to beat as fast as before. Research shows that when you walk with BungyPump poles you gain up to 77% greater training effect compared with when you just go for an ordinary walk. At the same time, pressure on joints is reduced, especially foot, knee and hip joints.

The suspension in BungyPump training poles means that compared with traditional training poles, the pole hits the ground in a way which is softer for your shoulders and elbows. In addition, by pressing down firmly and resisting the upward spring of the poles while walking, muscular strength, endurance and stability increases in most groups of muscles. 

BungyPump training stimulates in particular the muscles of the upper arm (triceps), the shoulder muscles (rotator cuff and deltoid) and the back muscles (latissimus, serratus and rhomboid). Stabilizing muscles close to the joints in the lumbar region are also strengthened. The large muscles in the neck (trapezius) and the chest with its large chest muscle (pectoralis major) are also exercised effectively using BungyPump. Moreover, you must work actively with your stomach muscles since you have to fight continuously against the suspension in the poles.

“with BungyPump poles you gain up to 77% greater training effect compared with when you just go for an ordinary walk.”

I would particularly like to recommend training with BungyPump to those people who have back problems, since the poles activate and stabilizing stomach and back muscles near the joints which are important for good posture and which, in turn, relieve the vertebrae. The effect on the body is also to build more capillaries (small blood vessels) in the muscles and this in turn means that nutrients, waste products and oxygen can be exchanged more efficiently. The body can work longer without getting tired. Put simply, fitness is the ability of your body to absorb oxygen and turn it into energy. Using BungyPump training poles as an exercise tool, you can effectively improve your fitness, strength and endurance and feel better as a result.

As a registered physiotherapist, I recommend that you neither need to train hard nor for a long period of time with BungyPump in order to improve your state of health considerably. However, you need to do it regularly. It is better to go for a shorter walk on a daily basis than for one longer walk once a week”

Disclaimer. All the above material is Rovena Westbergs own opinion and professional recommendations as a registered physiotherapist. BungyPump is not responsible for her opinion. 

Rovena Westberg, Registered Physiotherapist at Toppform Sjukgymnastik